【Crazy Sale】 Magic Temp Hair Color Wax(Code in Description)




 Dying hair in 10 mins! No bleaching! No damage! 

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  • What is in it?

This formula is compact with natural ingredients that nourishes your and leaves it smooth: Beeswax, Brazil palm wax, tea extract.

  • How to use it?

It's simple! Take a generous amount of product and rub it around the palms of your hand.

Apply to your hair and style as desired!

For amazing and best results it is recommended to use a diffuser or curling rod.

  • What's advantages?

Paint your hair!

Colors can be mixed to achieve different looks.

Can be used on All types of hair.

No Bleach Required. 

Washes out with 1 wash. 

100% Natural Ingredients: Beeswax, Brazil Palm Wax, & Tea Extract. 

Made of plant extracts, no scalp irritation, environmentally friendly, & no harm to your health.✨